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Microsoft advises that organizations aiming to comply with CMMC 2.0 Level 2 should utilize Microsoft 365 GCC High. This platform, along with the DoD-specific Microsoft 365, ensures that all data is stored in U.S. data centers and handled by U.S. personnel with verified backgrounds.

What ECF Data offers

Enhance Security with Microsoft 365 GCC High Licensing for Data and Communications. Our Microsoft 365 GCC High Licensing service offers secure and compliant solutions that safeguard sensitive data and communications within the Government Community Cloud High (GCC High) environment, adhering to strict regulatory standards.

  • Expert Licensing Consultation Services
  • Professional advice and consultation on selecting the right Microsoft 365 GCC High licensing options customized for your organization’s specific needs and compliance obligations.
  • Secure Communication Solutions for Enhanced Collaboration
  • Offering secure communication tools and solutions through Microsoft 365 GCC High to facilitate protected collaboration and secure messaging within your organization.
  • Advanced Data Protection and Encryption
  • Deployment of stringent data protection and encryption strategies within the Microsoft 365 GCC High framework to secure sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Comprehensive Compliance and Regulatory Support
  • Assistance in achieving compliance with FedRAMP, DoD SRG, and ITAR within the Microsoft 365 GCC High environment, offering customized solutions and expert advice.
    • Understanding the Costs
    • Due to the enhanced security and compliance features, Microsoft GCC High licensing is roughly 70% more expensive than its commercial counterparts.
    • Agreement Terms
    • Microsoft 365 GCC High is obtained through a specialized Enterprise Agreement, requiring a minimum one-year commitment. Within this period, licenses and add-ons may be added or reassigned, but cannot be cancelled.
    • Licensing Options
    • Microsoft 365 GCC High does not offer an alternative to the commercial Microsoft 365 Business Premium licenses as they do not satisfy NIST 800-171 controls. Instead, Microsoft provides Frontline and Enterprise licenses such as F1, E3, E5, among others, which are suitable and available within this environment.